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Listen to "I hope that I don't fall in love with you"
(Original: Tom Waits/ played by Dirty Fingers)

In sommer 1996 the two guitarplayers Tim von der Heyde and Werner Friebel founded "dirty fingers". Soon they started playing in clubs, on parties and Open-air-concerts, acting in a way, even as a guitar-duo with different company, to make the audience move & dance.
Their original tunes tell about love, tenderness, fairy tales and dreams, inviting to sensivity and fearless phantasies.
Since both had a very different musical education and history, it was a good basic to play Jazz, Latin, Blues, Flamenco, Classic and Folk as a crossover and mix of styles on the CD "magic mood" - together with three other professionel artists and engaged friends they had invited to perform on some of the tunes.
One of the musicians is the worldwide wellknown "gentle giant" on sax and flute, Johannes Enders; he has studied and worked in New York, Graz, Munich and Capetown, won a "Silver Award" at the "American MusicFest" in San Francisco, the "Munich Culture Award for Music" in 1998 and the German "Echo Jazz" in 2012.
The other two guests, Achim Juhl (bass) and Michael Waibl (percussion) normally perform as rhythm-section with Craig Gerber's "Bellibone", "The Tasters" and work in other own projects.
Probably "Dirty Fingers" will never play in your hometown, but if you're interested in that kind of music, you can order "magic mood" for € 9,90 (C.O.D.) by e-mail.
Or write/ phone to
media4ways - Semerstrasse 24 - D-86956 Schongau
Tel. +49 8861 1721
In Spring 98 Tim and Werner recorded a few tunes as a preproduction with guitars only.
Since these fife takes differ a lot from the "magic mood" - recordings, they became published on the Maxi-CD
"first takes - fragile!".

Werner's faible for German poetry lead to the recording and publishing of two "story-inside"-albums: "für herzen keine haftung" in 2003 and "meschugge" in 2005 - corresponding to the story of "meschugge" and inspired by own experience Werner wrote the lyrics, music and script for the video "morning maniac blues - a day in a drinker's life" that you can enjoy here at youtube and admire Werner's 'drunken' acting ;-)

Klezmer-Rock "meschugge"

"meschugge" by "Dirty Fingers" (CD "meschugge")
feat. Thomas Nieberle (Clar.) Music: Werner Friebel


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